Planning my business finances

As a business owner, you know the joy and satisfaction of bringing an idea to fruition, as well as the challenges of helping your most important asset remain secure. Securing business finances, discovering tax-breaks and executing contingency plans is an exhilarating experience that continually offers new opportunities for creative financial management.

Setting up an effective and flexible plan that adapts to your changing needs should not be put off for later – protect your business today!
[container customclass=bloc1title] [col12]Learn How to Plan Your Finances for Business Success Products and Solutions to Help You Reach Your Goal[/col12] [/container] [container] [col4 customclass=bloc1nbg][div customclass=li]Life Insurance Ensure your business is safe by picking the right coverage. Learn More >[/div][/col4] [col4 customclass=bloc1nbg][div customclass=di]Disability Insurance Keep your financial goals on track even if you areaffected by illness or accident. Learn More >[/div][/col4] [col4 customclass=bloc1nbg][div customclass=rp]Retirement Savings Build a solid base for your financial security by planning your business finances for retirement. Learn More >[/div][/col4] [col4 customclass=bloc1bg][div]Calculate how much coverage you need to secure your business How would your business run if something happens to you? Calculate Now >[/div][/col4] [col4 customclass=bloc1bg][div]New-Age Retirement Planning How can you maintain your lifestyle after retirement? Learn More >[/div][/col4] [/container]
[/col6][col6] Helping the Business and Family Survive the Worst Brigette Hunter and her husband, Anthony ownedan electrical business. They bought small life insurance policies to protect it and their three children, and opted for additional coverage later. At 34, Anthony was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his lungs, brain and bones. He invoked an early payout provision from one policy, using partial death benefits to buy and renovate a new home, spending a month in it with his family before his death. Brigette could pay off medical bills and meet household expenses, as well as make payroll and pay vendors to keep the business running, thanks to the remaining funds from the policy. Without it, the company would have had to close shop. Will the business that you’ve built survive if anything happens to you? [/col6][/container]
[container customclass=secondblock][col4 customclass=onlybord][div]BLOG Why Entrepreneurs should be Investing in Disability Insurance Can you ensure your business continues to run even if something happens to you? Read the full article >[/div][/col4][col4 customclass=onlybord][div]RESOURCES Start planning your life today Understand what you need to meet your financial goals with this quick and easy planner. Click here to start >[/div][/col4][col4 customclass=fullbg][div]FAST FACTS Almost 70% of adults admit they need life insurance, but only 63% have any coverage, and over halfof those that do say they need more. Do you have enough to protect your business and family? [/div][/col4][/container]
The True Cost of Life Insurance Policies Life insurance provides your loved ones with much-needed funds in case you die, but some policies can also act as an emergency fund while you’re alive. Contrary to what most people believe, life insurance is highly affordable. In fact, 80% of all Americans overestimate the cost of a policy.
  • Those under 25 overestimate the cost of life insurance by almost 4 times its true cost.
  • Those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it really is.
  • Even those with coverage think it costs twice of what it actually does!
Understand how to get the best value from a policy and request a complimentary review of your current plan here.
[container]Understanding your unique needs as a business owner is a huge part of selecting the correct type and amount of coverage. LifeCentra can help you set up a financial safety net to ensure that your business has support and protection. As your business goals and requirements change over the years,we will work with you to keep your financial plan on track.

Help me with planning my business finances right[/container]

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