Life Goals
Learn about all the tools that can help protect you and your loved ones, whether single or family planning. Setting up a financial safety net and making the right investments can help you meet your goals. LifeCentra can guide you in the right direction and help you plan for your future.

Your goals keep evolving as life changes, for instance, when you get married or start a family. We can help you decide what adjustments to make in your financial plan, retirement saving methods and insurance coverage, so you can achieve your financial goals at any age or stage in life.

Whether you want a strong start for your family or to plan a worry-free retirement, we’ll show you how and where to begin.

Select the Life Goal that You Want to Achieve
Based on what matters most to you right now, select a goal below:

Financial security for my loved ones
Concern for your family and their security is the foremost force that drives you. Building a solid foundation now, can ensure protection, comfort and safety for those who rely on you. Planning now, will safeguard your loved ones if unexpected events affect your ability to provide for them later in life.
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Financial Protection against Unexpected Losses
It takes a lot of hard work to reach a stage where you enjoy financial security and stability. It is a good idea to shield your income and savings against possible losses. Set up a safety net for your finances to pave the way to make sound investments and play the market as you like.
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Income protection in case I'm injured or disabled
We all want to ensure our ability to provide for ourselves and our loved ones, no matter what comes our way. Planning for the possibility of disability can help you protect your finances, and ensure financial security for you and your family even if you aren’t able to work.
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Maximizing my Tax Breaks
Understanding the various tax-breaks available for investment and retirement planning vehicles can help you decide where to invest your fund.
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Planning for a comfortable retirement
It is never too early to consider retirement. You want to be comfortable and financially secure by planning now. Think about how you can make that happen and start planning for the day you are not working the 9-5 routine.
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Planning for college education expenses
Helping your children with college expenses is something that every parent wants to do. Start planning from the day they are born so you can offer them the best education, resources, and learning experience when the time comes.
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Planning for the possibility of Long Term Care
As we grow older, the question that takes center stage is how to continue enjoying life when our body starts slowing down. Long-term care may even be needed after an illness or injury. Instead of being dependent on others, proper financial planning can help you retain the ability to make your own choices.
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Planning my business finances
As a business owner, you know the joy and satisfaction of bringing an idea to fruition, as well as the challenges of helping your most important asset remain secure. Securing business finances, discovering tax-breaks and executing contingency plans is an exhilarating experience that continually offers new opportunities for creative financial management.
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Preserving and protecting my assets
You work hard to build a strong financial foundation for you and your family, and you certainly want to make sure nothing can affect it. Explore possible scenarios that can affect the security of your existing and future assets, so you can safeguard them no matter what happens in your life or the world around…
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Proper care for a special needs family member
Caring for family members with special needs is as challenging as it is rewarding, and providing the best professional care and quality of life is your number one priority. The needs of those who depend on you need to be balanced with your own, and planning a financial backup allows you to enjoy greater comfort…
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Recapturing Lost Assets Due To Inadequate Planning
A number of factors could affect your accumulated wealth and assets, especially inadequacies in your financial planning. Your strategy for managing insurance, retirement plans, investments, debt and taxation needs to be optimized so you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work at any stage of your life.
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Access to funds in an emergency
In the event you may need to access funds without paying heavy penalties, it is always better to be safe and not sorry. You may need to put down money for booking a wedding or to pay for unexpected medical bills. Be confident to handle everything life throws at you, now and in the future.…
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