Financial Protection against Unexpected Losses

It takes a lot of hard work to reach a stage where you enjoy financial security and stability. It is a good idea to shield your income and savings against possible losses. Set up a safety net for your finances to pave the way to make sound investments and play the market as you like.

The best time for planning how to tackle losses is when they don’t even seem possible – protect your resources now for complete peace of mind!
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Life Insurance
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Leave Behind a Gift for Those Who Depend on You
Shane Donaca’s intensity was apparent in every aspect of his life, from building a large commercial construction business to spending time with his family as well as passions like motorcycling.

To safeguard people who depended on him, including his wife, Kim, their three children, and company employees, Shane invested in a combination of term life insurance and whole life insurance, for immediate needs, accumulated cash value and lifelong coverage.

Shane passed away when he suffered fatal injuries in a sudden accident on his motorcycle. If his current coverage had not been in place to replace his income, both his family and business would have been unable to survive, with no way to pay off business debts.

Is your income protected against untimely death or other unexpected losses?

11 Mistakes to Avoid when Selecting a Life Insurance Policy
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95% of accidents and illnesses that leave you unable to work are not covered by Worker’s Compensation.
How will you meet expenses if your income is affected?

The True Cost of Life Insurance Policies
Life insurance provides your loved ones with much-needed funds in case you die, but some policies can also act as an emergency fund while you’re alive.

Contrary to what most people believe, life insurance is highly affordable. In fact, 80% of all Americans overestimate the cost of a policy.

Those under 25 overestimate the cost of life insurance by almost 4 times its true cost.

Those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it really is.

Even those with coverage think it costs twice of what it actually does!

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Understanding your expenses and the impact a loss of income can have, is a huge part of selecting the correct type and amount of coverage. LifeCentra can help you set up a financial safety net to ensure your lifestyle does not change.

As your expenses, income, goals and requirements change over the years, we work with you to keep your financial plan on track.

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