Indexed Universal Life Insurance

With an Indexed Universal Life insurance (IUL) plan, you can enjoy the flexible premium and adjustable death benefit option. Permanent life insurance protection with possible cash accrual is what you get with an IUL plan. LifeCentra offers a variety of indexed universal life insurance products to meet your specific financial needs.

Viewed as a blended version of universal life insurance, an IUL policy is a lower cost option with a lower risk than the average universal life insurance policy. An IUL plan can be attractive to business owners, in addition to being used as an estate-planning tool.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance


Regarded as a “hybrid” type of universal life insurance, an indexed universal life insurance policy is not a very costly option and offers the benefit of lower risk. This kind of life insurance policy also holds the potential for a greater value growth. The coverage offers tax-deferred cash accumulation for retirement while providing a death benefit.

IUL coverage gives you the opportunity to choose between a diversity of popular financial indices. The interest rates for the plan will be linked to a percentage change in the chosen index, normally with minimum (floor) and maximum (cap) interest crediting rates provided by the insurance company.

The IUL policy allows you the flexibility to allocate money either to a fixed account or to an equity index account. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family will receive guaranteed death benefits, as well as the financial flexibility offered by the policy’s accumulated cash value, against which you can take a policy loan or make a withdrawal if needed.

Indexed universal life insurance is an ideal choice for those who want:

  • Permanent life insurance protection for their loved ones’ security
  • Lifetime insurance over and above employer-supplied coverage/other plans
  • Coverage for final needs, such as funeral expenses, estate planning, etc.
  • A cash accumulation option with death benefits
  • Safeguards for their business and other high-valued assets
Indexed universal life insurance offers protection against life’s uncertainties. It also gives you the flexibility to plan your financial security and goals.

What is my next step?

Remember, an IUL policy is a lower cost option with a lower risk than the average universal life insurance policy. Planning ahead for your needs is important; LifeCentra can assist with all your life insurance needs. Let us help you get started today!


People buy indexed universal life insurance to:

  • Plan income replacement for their family’s financial security
  • Reduce debt; mortgages, loans and credit cards
  • Assist with child care and educational expenses
  • Protect high-valued assets and businesses

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Consider choosing indexed universal life insurance if you want to protect your family, your business and any high-valued assets you own.
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