Proper care for a special needs family member

Caring for family members with special needs is as challenging as it is rewarding, and providing the best professional care and quality of life is your number one priority. The needs of those who depend on you need to be balanced with your own, and planning a financial backup allows you to enjoy greater comfort and security.

To ensure that your spouse, child, parent or other loved ones with special needs always remain safe and secure, get a financial plan in place today!
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Protection for Those Who Matter the Most
Norm and Sandy Page bought whole life insurance policies in their early 20s, since the cash value would help them with saving for retirement as well as financial protection in case of untimely death.

When their son, Adam, was born with a malformation of the spinal cord, their employer-provided health insurance coverage didn’t cover special braces and some other expenses. So, the couple turned to the accumulated cash value in their whole life policies.

This allowed Adam to pursue his passion for sled hockey, paying for equipment and training. He went on to become the youngest person, at 15, to make the U.S. National Sled Hockey Teamand won gold at the Paralympic Games in Vancouver 3 years later.

Will your special needs family member be able to live a full life?

How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?
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The True Cost of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance provides your loved ones with much-needed funds in case you die, but some policies can also act as an emergency fund while you’re alive.

Contrary to what most people believe, life insurance is highly affordable. In fact, 80% of all Americans overestimate the cost of a policy.

  • Those under 25 overestimate the cost of life insurance by almost 4 times its true cost.
  • Those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it really is.
  • Even those with coverage think it costs twice of what it actually does!

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Understanding your loved one’s unique needs is a huge part of selecting the correct type and amount of coverage. LifeCentra can help you set up a financial safety net to ensure that a special needs family member always has care and support.

As your circumstances, goals and requirements change and grow over the years, we will work with you to keep your financial plan on track.

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