Maximizing my Tax Breaks

Understanding the various tax-breaks available for investment and retirement planning vehicles can help you decide where to invest your fund.

To familiarize yourself and make the most of taxation rules and tax breaks, take an in-depth look at your current and future financial goals now!
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Making the Most of Retirement Tax Breaks for Financial Comfort

Mark Peters consulted a financial advisor about reducing taxes on his retirement income, preferring to pay his tax dues while he was still working. After exploring the options available, he chose whole life insurance and a Roth IRA to supplement his existing 401K.

The death benefits in his new insurance policy assure him of financial security for his wife Marie, and part of his premium is also building a tax-deferred cash value, for life. At the same time, he is able to tuck away another $300 every month into his Roth IRA.

Since his Roth IRA contributions are after-tax, Mark will not pay income tax on withdrawals after he retires. He also knows that both plans offer him a larger safety net for financial emergencies.

Will your hard-earned money be placed at your disposal or spent on excessive taxes?

Evaluating long-term care insurance options
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Most say “replacing income” is the number one reason for buying life insurance, but 50% put cell phone and other expenses ahead of it.
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The True Cost of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance provides your loved ones with much-needed funds in case you die, but some policies can also act as an emergency fund while you’re alive.

Contrary to what most people believe, life insurance is highly affordable. In fact, 80% of all Americans overestimate the cost of a policy.

  • Those under 25 overestimate the cost of life insurance by almost 4 times its true cost.
  • Those with no life insurance think it’s 3 times more expensive than it really is.
  • Even those with coverage think it costs twice of what it actually does!

Understand how to get the best value from a policy and request a complimentary review of your current plan here.

Understanding possible tax-breaks is a huge part of selecting the correct type and amount of coverage. LifeCentra can help you set up a financial safety net to ensure financial support and cut down taxes where possible.

As your income, eligibility, goals and investments change over the years, we will work with you to keep your financial plan on track.

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