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8 Medical Problems that Can Affect Your Life Insurance Application

31 July 2016
Many people think they won’t qualify for life insurance with health issues, but the reality is not that grim. Typically, only a handful of conditions or severe cases get “table rated”, paying the highest premiums or denied coverage due to a higher risk of premature death. Anyone applying for a policy is assigned a health rating by the insurance company, based on current health, medical history and lifestyle. This classification (typically “standard”, “preferred” and “preferred plus”, with a 20%-30% change in premium quotes between the three ratings) defines how risky…
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Why Invest in Disability Insurance if You Already Have Life Insurance?

26 July 2016
While shopping for insurance coverage, most investors start with life insurance. This makes sense, since it can be a powerful tool to protect your loved ones in case of your death. After that, you insure your home, care, TV and other assets against the risk of loss. However, what about the most important asset of all, i.e. your ability to earn? Life insurance can take care of your family’s financial needs, like bills, loans, mortgages and daily expenses, if you were to die. What if you didn’t face death,…
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What Insurance Changes Do You Need to Address After a Divorce?

19 July 2016
Divorce changes your life in many ways, right from the emotional aspects to the financial ones. While insurance is the last thing you want to worry about during this stressful time, there are some crucial adjustments you need to make when your marriage ends. Doing this now helps you protect against financial troubles later. Here are the 4 main insurance types you need to update after a divorce:

1. Life Insurance

As part of your divorce agreement, you may need to purchase a life insurance plan (if you don’t…
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Long Term Care Insurance and What You Need to Know about It

15 July 2016
A large section of the population today is heading for retirement, which makes long term care planning imperative, considering the health and disability risks that come with old age. You may have already invested in a long term care (Long Term Care) plan or may be considering your options, but there are some important aspects to consider first.

Long Term Care Insurance – Is It Worth It?

In order to understand whether investing in an Long Term Care policy is right for you, you need to first understand how…
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6 Frequently Asked Questions on Annuities

12 July 2016
Annuities are gradually becoming a part of retirement portfolio for many people. They are not as popular as life insurance policies and some other retirement options, but are definitely gaining momentum. If you are considering buying an annuity but are a little lost on how to move ahead, here are some frequently asked questions on annuities that might also be questions you might have. Check out the answers, and at the end, you will have a better idea about annuities, enabling you to take informed decisions.

1> What Is…

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