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Long Term Care Insurance and What You Need to Know about It

15 July 2016
A large section of the population today is heading for retirement, which makes long term care planning imperative, considering the health and disability risks that come with old age. You may have already invested in a long term care (Long Term Care) plan or may be considering your options, but there are some important aspects to consider first.

Long Term Care Insurance – Is It Worth It?

In order to understand whether investing in an Long Term Care policy is right for you, you need to first understand how…
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Top 8 Situations Where You Should Review Your Life Insurance Policy

04 July 2016
Typically, a life insurance policy is presented as a product that reduces your worries, by keeping your financial security foremost. That’s generally the case, but in some circumstances you need to reexamine your coverage, and make relevant changes as per your evolving needs.

Your life insurance policy should definitely be re-evaluated in certain situations, like the ones listed below:

1> Your Plan Seems Complex

You may have invested in a life insurance policy without understanding the various charges and benefits, and how they apply to your financial needs. If…
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The Simple 10-Step Guide to Retiring a Millionaire

29 June 2016
Planning for retirement is something we all do at some point in our lives (or should, anyway), since we’ll need some way to sustain our lifestyle when we can no longer work and earn. Perhaps you already have a small savings fund which might be able to cover the bare basics, but wouldn’t you rather be comfortable than just “making do”? It seems unrealistic to aim for a million dollars in your retirement fund, but in reality, that’s the very least you will need. If possible, set your goal…
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Single to Married, and then Parenthood: Review Your Finances When Life Changes

09 June 2016
“Change is the only constant in life” – this adage could not be truer for the transition from being single to married, and then finally have a family! Getting married has a financial upside as well as a flipside. You’re clubbing two earning members into a joint unit, and statistics point out that married people pay substantially less in basic living costs than singles do. Married couples also get relief on both federal and social security taxes. While some costs may dwindle with marriage, others crop up after it, such…
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How Does Retirement Planning Help with Planning Your Second Childhood?

01 June 2016
Retirement is also known as a “second childhood”, because like your first childhood, you’re dependent on others for your basic needs. The difference lies in the fact that you have a choice, and can save the money you’ll need for the golden years while you’re still young, healthy and have a regular source of income. Proper retirement planning can help you:
  • Meet your personal and financial goals
  • Maintain the lifestyle you are comfortable with
  • Do everything you enjoy, even after you have retired
  • Receive care in the comfort and…
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