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Why is Retirement Planning Given So Much Importance?

05 March 2016

As you grow older, the thought of retirement can be both comforting and frightening, since you have the free time to do what you want, but also the worry of being dependent on someone other than yourself. An effective and well-planned financial strategy for retirement is the smarter way of securing comfort, independence and safety in old age.

The last thing that anyone wants is to be a burden on someone else, especially in terms of finances, or to end up in an assisted living or…

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Where Retirees Should and Shouldn't Retire

24 February 2016

You had a good professional run and enjoyed a great career. It is now time for you to retire and enjoy a peaceful life ahead. But where you choose to retire will affect the quality of your life as a retiree. Various factors such as tax rates, weather, crime rate etc. will affect your retired life. Taking a life insurance policy is a must and will benefit you in more ways than one.

The Best States

Remember that even if you get excellent…

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Why Invest in Life Insurance When the Kids Have Left the Nest?

10 February 2016
Empty nesters are the loving parents who have toiled hard and provided for their children long enough to see them educated and moving on to the next stages of their lives. As children move out of their parent’s homes, the home is then officially an empty nest. An empty nest gives parents the chance to plan ahead for the next stage of their lives too, where they can choose to pursue the dreams they have been keeping on hold while raising their children. With fewer expenses and more time on…
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Why Do You Need to Prioritize Retirement Planning When You’re Young?

09 February 2016
When you’re young and relatively free of responsibility, retirement planning can seem like a waste of your time and energy, but the truth is, you need to do it as soon as you can. When you start being mentally and emotionally prepared early on, you’ll find that thinking about the future becomes a habit, which allows you to save more effectively!

Here are the top 4 reasons for starting a retirement plan early:

  1. If you start early, you can set aside less money, for a longer periodBy the…
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Will Your Nest-Egg Last through Retirement?

26 January 2016

Insurance is a financial tool that offers you protection and cover, helping you in the event of an unexpected event cutting off your money supply, or helping your family meet expenses in case something happens to you.

Have you ever considered applying the same idea to your retirement money? What happens if the figure you’ve collected over the years is not enough to cover everything you need after you retire?

Insurance can be a great supplement to your retirement fund, helping you ensure that…

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