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How Can Depression Affect Your Life Insurance Applications?

05 December 2015
Have you suffered from depression in your life? If yes, then you aren’t alone. Statistics show that, over 14 million American adults suffer from major depression. Depression affects all aspects of your life, and often makes it more difficult to get insurance coverage too. Depression is far more than simply sadness. It’s characterized by feelings of extreme hopelessness, fatigue, and even physical pain. You may experience feelings of irritability, lack of appetite, and changes in sleep schedules. There are many different types of depression, with various levels of severity.


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3 Effective Tips to Help You Tackle High Healthcare Costs during Retirement

21 November 2015
Retirement brings with it a whole host of feelings. Certain people feel the joy of finally having time for themselves whereas others can be left feeling inadequate when they no longer have a job demanding their time and attention. While these factors are difficult to foresee, the common factor (and in fact the most important one to consider) is the desire for financial security and the need for retirement planning. When planning for retirement, it is imperative to provision for skyrocketing health care costs…
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3 Things to Keep in Mind when Using Life Insurance as an Investment

20 November 2015
While not typically considered as such, life insurance really is an investment, whether one made solely for the purpose of getting the family through tough times post the demise of a loved one, or in order to someday take back the funds that have grown in it, for a rainy day or retirement expenses.

What Do You Need to Consider about Life Insurance?

Distinguishing between which kind of life insurance to take is the real dilemma, since everyone has different personal and financial needs to consider, and both term…
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