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6 Frequently Asked Questions on Annuities

12 July 2016
Annuities are gradually becoming a part of retirement portfolio for many people. They are not as popular as life insurance policies and some other retirement options, but are definitely gaining momentum. If you are considering buying an annuity but are a little lost on how to move ahead, here are some frequently asked questions on annuities that might also be questions you might have. Check out the answers, and at the end, you will have a better idea about annuities, enabling you to take informed decisions.

1> What Is…

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6 Top Tips for Buying Annuity in 2016

15 June 2016
Planning for retirement is essential, even if you are incredibly wealthy or a direct descendant of Uncle Scrooge. Retirement planning consists of considering several financial options — annuity being one of them. The kind of annuity you choose and other annuity decisions will either serve you extremely well or extremely poorly.

Let’s check out 6 tips if you are purchasing an annuity in 2016.

  1. Consider an Immediate Annuity An immediate annuity is usually a good idea for those who are nearing the age of retirement. You can…
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Why Investors Should Consider Annuities

21 May 2016
Annuities offer big benefits to investors planning their retirement. They can supplement your retirement nest egg and guarantee a steady stream of income throughout your life. Many people misunderstand the concept of an annuity, regarding it as an income-maximizing strategy, due to which they fail to tap into its benefits. In fact, an annuity is an effective risk-management tool, helping to secure you against unforeseen circumstances and building a reliable pool of funds for retirement.

Why You Should Consider and Value Annuities?

Here are some reasons to consider annuities…
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What are the Tax Benefits of Annuities?

13 May 2016
There are many reasons why you should make annuities a key component of your retirement plan, one of the most important of which is their tax-deferral benefit. While the amount you invest in an annuity isn’t tax-deductible, you can defer paying taxes on the accumulated funds until you start making withdrawals. This tax deferment gives a significant boost to your retirement savings, and can be of great value if:
  • You’re in a high tax bracket. If you have to pay a high tax rate for every dollar of…
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Understanding Annuities: Are They Right for You?

05 May 2016
An annuity is a type of insurance policy that pays out a steady stream of income in return for an investment into the annuity. You may opt to receive income for a lifetime or for a set number of years. Annuities are often used by investors as a retirement planning strategy, as they dole out steady payments during retirement.

What are the Different Types of Annuities?

There is a range of different annuities you can choose from:
  • Immediate vs. Deferred

With an immediate annuity, you…
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