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Single to Married, and then Parenthood: Review Your Finances When Life Changes

09 June 2016
“Change is the only constant in life” – this adage could not be truer for the transition from being single to married, and then finally have a family! Getting married has a financial upside as well as a flipside. You’re clubbing two earning members into a joint unit, and statistics point out that married people pay substantially less in basic living costs than singles do. Married couples also get relief on both federal and social security taxes. While some costs may dwindle with marriage, others crop up after it, such…
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12 Steps to Effective Financial Planning When You’re Newly Married

05 June 2016
Marriages are forever; that is the premise with which you begin the journey with your life partner, but money management issues can quickly erode your relationship. For instance, if your spouse is a spendthrift while you like to save for a rainy day, chances are that you may hit the roof when your partner makes a big spend, either early in your marriage or later on. Mutual understanding and the right balance between independent and joint decisions are crucial factor in shaping successful marriages. To ensure fewer opportunities for marital…
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What Activities Do Insurers Consider “Too Risky” for Life Insurance Coverage?

03 June 2016
While there are many kinds of insurance, they all work as a form of asset protection, and investing in a policy is all about making sure that what you worked so hard for stays protected, no matter what. In that vein, though, the inevitable question arises – can you always get life insurance? If you’re involved in certain occupations, or indulge in activities and hobbies that pose a risk to your life, you may not be able to get a life insurance policy. At the same time, you probably need…
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How Does Retirement Planning Help with Planning Your Second Childhood?

01 June 2016
Retirement is also known as a “second childhood”, because like your first childhood, you’re dependent on others for your basic needs. The difference lies in the fact that you have a choice, and can save the money you’ll need for the golden years while you’re still young, healthy and have a regular source of income. Proper retirement planning can help you:
  • Meet your personal and financial goals
  • Maintain the lifestyle you are comfortable with
  • Do everything you enjoy, even after you have retired
  • Receive care in the comfort and…
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How Life Insurance Can Help New Businesses Manage Risk

26 May 2016
  As any entrepreneur will tell you, starting a business isn’t easy. There’s no avoiding the risks associated with a startup, regardless of the market conditions, the economic climate, or the amount of resources you’ve utilized. It’s particularly challenging for new businesses to develop an effective risk management strategy. Such issues are especially problematic for young people hampered by their lack of experience in the corporate field. Life insurance can help lower the inherent risks of launching a new venture.

How Can Life Insurance Help?

You may think buying a…
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